March 19, 2016

From our heart to yours articles on grief. As stated in the articles by the Post Gazette, many people do not know what to say to grieving family members ( As the article stated, the best thing to say is “I am sorry” leave it at that. Many times saying, “He/She is in a better place” is the best thing to say because many family members disagree. This past week, there was another article that reflects on how there is a evolution in attitudes about death and grieving ( In this article, Dr. Barry Lease, an instructor at The Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, explains how funeral services are changing to more of a celebration of life. With all of our funeral directors being PIMS alumni, we understand the changes and know how to personalize every family’s needs to honor and remember their loved ones.
Check out the links above, they may help many people who are grieving, know someone who is grieving, or may be suffering a loss sometime soon.