Active in the Community

June 16, 2016

11710 FB timeline v2f 2016 2Cremation and Funeral Care, a Peters Township funeral home, enjoys getting involved in the community. For the past four years, the staff has participated in Peters Township Community Day, which takes places at Peterswood Park, McMurray, PA. On Community Day, local businesses come and set up booths as a way to interact with the community. Cremation and Funeral Care, McMurray, PA, sets up a booth with games and also carnival rides to entertain the children. This year, Cremation and Funeral Care will have swings and a balloon pop game. The kids that pop the balloon and make all the confetti come out, will have the opportunity to win a giant stuffed animal.
Peters Township Community Day does not only attract local kids from Peters, but also from the surrounding areas in McMurray, PA and Washington, PA. At Cremation and Funeral Care, we believe that it is important to be active in the community. As funeral directors, we do not want to be viewed as just those that provide cremation and burial services, but as people that take part and care about our community. As our business continues to grow, we will continue to be more involved in Peters Township Community.